BREAKING: Facebook and Instagram Are Down, Users Report

BREAKING: Facebook and Instagram Are Down, Users Report

According to Down Detector, thousands of users have logged issued with the Meta owned platforms since 3pm. Facebook users have been logged out of their social media platforms and Instagram users are unable to refresh their feed.

There have been over 2500 problems logged on Instagram and more than 17,000 problems logged on Facebo

Nigeria have taken to WhatsApp and social media platforms to share their frustration.

“I was automatically logged out of my account and bin trying to login but all efforts went futile,” a user wrote on WhatsApp

After checking the Facebook app on my iPhone 15 Pro Max, I was informed the session had expired and I needed to log in again. After putting in the password, Facebook appeared to do a virtual hiccup and then tell me there was something wrong.

As a result, this also means Facebook Messenger is also down and boots users back to a login screen where their credentials don't appear to be accepted.


However, I can stil login to Instagram, while some of my colleagues report that they can't. So it looks like the outage is somewhat sporadic.

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