Independence Day: Arewa Rises Against Neglected Regional Issues, Unites For Change

Independence Day: Arewa Rises Against Neglected Regional Issues, Unites For Change

By Beli Abubakar Nasiru 

A Call to Arewa: Rising Against Neglected Realities on Nigeria's Independence Day

In the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria's Independence Day celebrations, there exists a somber reality that many choose to overlook. Amidst the jubilation and festivities, a significant portion of our nation's citizens remains shackled by the chains of various adversities. Hunger, poverty, kidnapping, rape, and violence have cast dark shadows over the lives of countless individuals and their loved ones. For them, the beacon of independence remains obscured, and the joyous occasion transforms into a bitter reminder of unaddressed challenges.

The northern region of Nigeria, known as Arewa, stands at the forefront of these struggles. These issues have persisted over time, escalating with each passing day. Despite electing leaders with the hope that they would utilize tax revenues to protect our territory, their response to these incidents often falls short. We raise our voices, yet our pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.

When other parts of the country protest against wrongdoing, we stand in solidarity with them. But when our region suffers, the support we expect often fails to materialize, even in the form of a simple hashtag for advocacy. We are left wondering if our struggles are overlooked or underestimated, It is a poignant question: are we being taken for granted?

In this hour of need, a clarion call resounds across the vast expanse of Arewa. It is a call for unity, for the people to stand as one and amplify their voices. Campaigns, hashtags, and placards must be wielded as tools of change, conveying the message that Arewa has endured enough. Influencers and celebrities are implored to step forward, using their platforms to speak for their people. The silence must be shattered, and the world must hear the grievances of the north.

The historical struggles of Arewa, epitomized by the efforts of visionaries like Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna and Tafawa Balewa and many, must not fade into oblivion. The present leaders are urged to recognize that the people of Arewa are their own – their struggles are intertwined, and their destinies are interlinked. The plea is simple: do the right thing, restore the dignity and respect of Arewa region people.

To the resilient souls who have taken to social media, expressing their pain and frustration, a heartfelt gratitude resonates. May the Almighty Allah grant them strength and shield them from all harm.

As we continue this fight for our region, let us do so with unwavering determination. Arewa deserves better, and together, enough is enough, we shall reclaim our rightful place.

God Bless Arewa.


God Bless Nigeria.