Off-Campus Robbery Incidents Shake FUTMINNA Community: "Urgent Call to Authorities Amidst Rising Robbery Incidents"

Off-Campus Robbery Incidents Shake FUTMINNA Community: "Urgent Call to Authorities Amidst Rising Robbery Incidents"

The students of Federal University of Technology Minna, Gidan Kwano Campus, have lamented the frequent operations of armed robbers terrorising the off campus community

Our correspondent learnt that the robbers operated at midnight with machetes, and other dangerous weapons. The doors of the burgled apartment, despite being metallic, were broken into.

In recent days, a wave of robberies has struck off-campus lodges near Gidan Kwanu at the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA). The affected lodges include Brick, Exotic 2, Blue Haven, Wakanda, and a lodge behind Nana Lodge. These incidents have raised significant concerns among the student body.

A student who was a victim of the recent incident that happened at the early hours of Saturday said 

"The robbery is getting too much, they came around 4am, jumping through the perimeter fencing, forced themselves in to our rooms by burgling our doors and they stole expensive gadgets."

Senator Ujah, Anthony Oche, representing the SRA Off-Campus Gidan Kwanu, emphasized the paramount importance of student safety. The SRA is actively collaborating with local authorities to tackle this issue and ensure the security of all students. Vigilance is urged, with students advised to secure their belongings and promptly report any suspicious activities.

The SRA emphasizes the importance of promptly reporting any suspicious activity to designated authorities, including the SRA, Welfare Director, or ADC personnel. By adhering to these guidelines, students can significantly enhance their safety and contribute to a secure living environment.

Senator Ujah Anthony Oche, representing the off-campus community, has highlighted the gravity of the situation and emphasized the need for immediate intervention. Despite efforts by local authorities, the challenge persists, with armed robbers targeting students during the late hours.

In response, the SRA, in collaboration with the Student Union Government (SUG) and local security agencies, has outlined crucial security measures to mitigate the risk:

1. No students is advise to go out late at night. One of recent developments is that this notorious armed robbers always come in the middle of the night and the security agencies always find it difficult to identify btw our students and non students as this robbers are said to be non students

So it's advisable that none of our students should go out once is 12am, on no account should anyone be find outside by this time as we are in a very critical stage of insecurity at the moment


2. Always walk with your ID card, inorder for you not to be embarrassed by this men, you are advised to always walk with your ID card as it's your only means of identification.

Please you can give this tips a wide coverage by sharing them on ur status and all platforms ????. 

3. Always lock your door at night. I understand the level of heat nd harsh weather at the moment but that should warrant you leaving your room door open. This set of robbers always come to the room through the door unlike the popular window format.

It's better to leave your window open than your door. Always lock your door when you are inside, sensitise your roommates and your household.

4. From observations I have come to understand that it's only lodges that a kind of far from each other, quite and isolated that this robbers usually go for. So if you're staying in Talba Road especially Alheri and gidan Solja axis, Living faith axis, hanifat phase 1,2 and 3, gidan painty please be very conscious and be at alert all the time, ensure you adhere to my measure 1,2 and 3.

5. Always make sure your security man is active, every lodges should have a student caretaker that can always speak for them, connect and reach out to the property owner. It may go along way too

6. Students please don't leak your personal information to any bike man or delivery man. Some of these guys can be part of this who knows, on no account should you allow anyone to enter your room especially your bike man unless you've a personal relationship with the person. Be wise, don't give them the impression that you're rich because they can be informant. "

Students calls upon the attention of relevant authorities, to urgently address the escalating security concerns faced by off-campus students at Gidan Kwanu, FUTMINNA. 

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